Food for Thought: Confession

         Relationships have not always been my strong suit. My first year of College I went to community school and saw a great spiritual need there with not many outlets to offer help. I was ministering to others, but often forgot about myself. I began to seek affirmation from guys and it was not until I fell for a guy that I realized I had a problem...I didn't know what true love was because I didn't know myself. Coming from a broken relationship I later believed the lie that it was all I knew and later questioned if I ever loved him or even could. I was looking for affirmation from others to fill what only God could. There is more to a relationship than physical and sometimes all it takes is to really get to know yourself before you know someone else, because as Tyler says, "You're never going to find the right person until you are the right person." Remember what Mike said "It's the one who made the person we long for not the person themselves." So who are you really and is there anything keeping you from seeing who God made you to be?

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