Food for Thought: Fear or Misunderstanding?

Romans 8:31-39“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" Is fear just a misunderstanding? Is fear a real thing or is it just based on assumptions from passed experience? Did it exist before sin or is it only a product of sin? This year I made a goal to overcome all my fears. First thought I didn't want an enemy to have anything to use against me. What a stupid mindset this was maybe I just watch too much TV. It's such a big task to undergo; however hard is not impossible and it's only as hard as you make it. On second thought why should I let any fear keep me from carrying out a plan he has for me? Was I allowing this to occur? There are plenty of fears people have, but don't we really just fear ourselves? When overcoming something when I try to fight it I find myself making up excuses. At church last Sunday the pastor pointed out that often when we find excuses come easy is when God wants us to do something and just trust Him. When we step out of our comfort zone we become very vulnerable and the first thing that seems to be in check is our pride. Sweating blood before death on the cross, Christ may have been scared, but he was not reluctant to carry out God's will. I know we are not all perfect and set out to achieve something great and there is not really anyone like Bat Man, but in the movie the first thing he is told to do in his training is exactly that, rid himself of all his fears. In fact he gives himself a name from which he most fears. Then again what it really comes down to, is mind over matter. Please feel free to leave you comments and questions or any other suggestions on topics you would like me to blog about!! I am open to any suggestions and compliments as well as constructive criticism. ~Thanks

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