(Kah-lee) - the beloved; One who Works for the King; someone resembling the Lord.
Actor and model with Helen Wells pursuing worship and music therapy. To her, Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship; neither is it an obligation, but a response to the Cross. With a calling for service in the arts, she is striving for a worship career and to start a music academy for at-risk youth.

I cannot change the world unless I allow life to change me for the better and I may not change the world, but I will give all I can.  When in the end, the only thing I will regret is not trying no matter the accomplishment; to give God the full glory. 



Kalei strives to use her gifts to glorify Christ. Growing up in a musical family she learned to appreciate music at a young age. Kalei has been singing ever since she could remember and has taken voice lessons for almost 17 years; 4 of which consist of classical training. She was brought up on musicals, performances at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and began mimicking Charlotte Church in elementary school.  Striving to follow Christ she is now a part of her worship team at church and volunteers at an inner city women's ministry with hopes to find a way into the music industry to start a music academy for underprivileged youth.  She is excited and looks forward to what God has in store for her future as he directs her each step of the way.

If asked she would say, "The best advice I have been given is 'I am not famous. [God is]' or as Mike Donehey says, 'If you don’t wanna hold a toilet brush you got no business holding a microphone…'."